MLM Is it so bad?

I wish I could ask you in person what feelings or thoughts come to mind when you hear the term Multi Level Marketing. For many of us annoyance is probably one of the first things that comes up. We think of the old friend that we never connect with anymore that suddenly reaches out trying to sell us something or trying to get us on their team. We think of that one friend who no longer posts updates on her family but is daily posting promos and insisting she has the cure all or next best product. We think of a pyramid scheme where the people at the bottom get nothing while the people at the top are raking in the dough. 

But what if there was more to it than that. What if the whole concept is actually really amazing and the opportunities created through MLM are actually life changing for many people. Because it is. The concept behind MLM is incredible. It gives moms that stay at home raising their sweet babies the opportunity to help provide financially, it creates a community and a sisterhood for Mom's. The idea that you get to invite friends over and share snacks while chatting about the products is so fun to me. I know many people dislike that way of shopping because it often can create an atmosphere where you buy things you don't need because you feel pressured. But if you go with a different mindset this can be avoided. If you truly don't need anything don't buy anything, just showing up and having a good time with friends is wonderful as well. If you can buy something for a wedding or baby shower gift try to plan ahead and purchase something for that purpose since you'll be spending the money at a big box store down the road anyway.  When you buy products from big box stores a lot of your money is going towards the companies advertisement budget, but when you buy products from your friends, you are helping them pay for food for their children, or school tuition, or maybe music or dance classes or whatever else they might need. Many women don't have the resources to start their own small business but with a MLM there is usually only a small start up fee therefore giving women an opportunity they would otherwise never have.

In spite of the people that are giving MLM a bad rap there are so many ladies out there doing it the right way and it's so unfair to put them all in the same box! So I encourage you, the next time you are needing more shampoo, consider reaching out to a friend that sells Young Living, Lemongrass Spa, Arbonne or whatever the brand is and try their shampoo. (An added bonus is many of these companies sell products that are natural and don't contain harmful chemicals.) Or when you're shopping for a gift for a friend consider getting some candles from a friend that sells Partylite or Scentsy. Need a baby gift? Get an Usborne book instead of a greeting card and sign the inside cover. Usborne has books that cost a dollar or 2 more than a greeting card and it will be enjoyed for years to come instead of ending up stuffed in a box somewhere or in the landfill like a greeting card.

All MLM companies that I know of host an annual convention where consultants/distributers come together to learn more about the company, gain wisdom and inspiration on working their business and get recognition for their achievements. I have quite a few friends as well as a sister who are part of wonderful MLM companies and have gone to their conventions. I would always be a bit jealous seeing all their pictures because honestly it looked like the best time ever! Being in a space with hundreds of other excited, like minded business women. Sounds like a dream to me! These ladies always come away inspired, not just for their businesses but in their personal lives as well and it's a highlight in their year.

This year I get to one of these conferences myself and I'm so looking forward to it! The annual Trades of Hope conference is this month and I'm going to be there.( (insert happy dance emoji) I love traveling and I'm so excited to fly somewhere again. Just me and my sweet little tag along Josephine:) 

Trades of Hope is bringing some of their artisans from around the world to conference so we can meet them face to face! Which is so exciting to me! It's so amazing to know what a difference this company is making in the lives of so many women and to be able to meet them in person will make everything feel so much more personal. I'm excited to learn more about this wonderful company and I'll be sharing my experience with all of you through my stories on my IG page. So make sure to follow along on July 18th-20th 2019!

I hope I've given you a new perspective on MLM companies through this post because the idea behind it is truly wonderful and I hate that the women who don't use it right and bombard their friends with their business really give the whole concept a bad rap.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my thoughts! ~Laura <3

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