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Hey friends! I'm so excited to share something new with you! My long term vision for Cottonmil is to employ women that don't have the same opportunities that I have. But since I'm not at a place where I can do that yet I was so excited when I discovered a company already doing exactly what I long to do! Trades of Hope is a company that hires under privileged women to make jewelry, totes, and much more. They then partner with people like me who are passionate about making a difference in the world to sell the items made by these women. I am so honored to be a part of a company like this! Because of TOH, women with disabilities who are rejected by their culture are given a respectable job and given counseling and treated with the dignity they deserve. Other women like this beautiful Momma get to keep their babies because of their job at TOH.


When I think of having to give up one of my precious babies because of not having the funds to keep them it crushes my heart and makes me feel sick inside. Can you even imagine!!?? It fills my heart with so much joy thinking about the fact that I get to play a small part in keeping these families together!

I will be sharing more about this company through this blog, since I know most of you follow me on IG for my children's clothing. I will post a little here and there on IG but I plan to highlight different products on the blog as well as share more about the impact that's being made by your purchases!

First up on product features is the Beginnings Journal. 

It's a beautiful leather journal with handmade paper. Handmade items make me truly happy and handmade paper is no exception. (insert heart eye emojis here) Seriously tho I'm so used to typing with emojis that I don't know how to do without them. Like how are people supposed to know how excited I am about this is if I cant use a ton of hearts and happy emojis?? Lol

I'm using mine as a vision/prayer journal. We are saving for our dream house. (After 3 diffident houses and a camper in our 5 short years of marriage this Momma is ready to settle down:/) I added photos as well as writing out details of things I'd love in our new home. I also write prayers in it, prayers for our marriage, prayers for my motherhood, and prayers for my business. These are all things I'm very passionate about so I keep my journal in the nook that sits beside our kitchen. It's a spot where I can see it often and I pray over it and the things written in it many times every day. It's such a beautiful journal it can be a part of your décor and serve as a prayer reminder all in one!

I do want to add. If you are planning to buy this for the same reason please note  that you will be limited to the amount of photos you can add. I added around 30 and it was about maxed out. A few more and it would have been too fat to close.

This journal is truly beautiful and if you'd like your own just click here.


 If you are interested in becoming part of my TOH family and spreading the word about this wonderful company while earning money for your family. Please email me at

Thanks so much for being here! Lets change the world together by making well thought out purchases and being aware of how the items we bring into our homes are made!

Much love, Laura<3

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